My friends. I did a Body Back workout this morning and them headed to the gym after to kill some time before work. :)

My thoughts during my run this morning.... Step out of the car - damn I wore the wrong shoes to go in the sand, oh well, I'm here, let's do this! 1/2 mile- I'm feeling good, getting warm 1 mile - I love seeing all these runners on the beach... And ooh especially him :) Mile 2 - the power plant in Carlsbad looks reachable I'll run to that Mile 3 - my Ass is going to hurt today running on all this sand Mile 4- I think I'll turn around now, I'm at the power plant and I still have to run back to my car. I see the Oceanside pier where I started. If I can see it, it's not that far away Mile 5- ugh, I could be lying in bed. It's Saturday, I'm thinking that sounded better Mile 6 - why don't I ever listen to Lisa Druxman and run with a damn water, I'm so thirsty right now Mile 7 - I'm definitely only running the 1/2 marathon in November, I don't think a full marathon is meant for this gal Mile 7 1/2 - almost done, thank goodness, I'm sweating from this humidity and I just want a shower Mile 8 - I'm done, I'm sooo NOT going to regret this run today and my legs will look good in the dress I'm going to wear today!!!! Double win

My workout today was 5.20 miles total today. I was going to do more tonight but I'm too tired. Sometimes I just have to say I'm done for the night. Xoxoxo, Rebecca

This morning I ran 3.33 miles because I woke up late and only had a little bit of time before work. I decided the gym was calling my name after work so I did the elliptical and worked on my arms. I haven't been working on my arms as much since I began this challenge and I don't want to forget about them :)

Who has run a full marathon? I'm really debating on running the full marathon in November rather than the 1/2. I'll have run 6 1/2 marathons and maybe I can move up. With more running is injury and endurance though so I'm hesitant. Please give me all the advice, suggestions or turn always as possible???

My food for today... Breakfast: not pictured but it was an orange carrot karma & oatmeal from Jamba Juice Snack: Greek yogurt w/ almonds Lunch: chicken & veggies Snack: carrots Dinner: meatballs & spinach

Today was my rest day so guess what I'm doing RESTING and loving it!!! Over 41 miles of running/walking in 8 days calls for a rest day but I'll be back at it tomorrow!